About the JCBA

The Japan Craft Beer Association (JCBA) is a non-profit organization founded in 1994 after the de-regulation of the Japanese brewing market (which opened the market to small and medium sized breweries, previously banned from brewing beer). Our purpose is to promote and develop the appreciation of the new generation of craft beers, both from Japan and world-wide, which are now entering the local market.

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The JCBA has been running the Great Japan Beer Festival (the largest such festival in Japan) since 1998 which is held every year in Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya & Yokohama as well as the "Grande Biere" Festival, held in Tokyo Midtown Hall every April.

Along with our beer seminars, as part of our commitment to the education of the Japanese public the JCBA has been running an assessed educational program since January 1995 through our sister organization, the Beer Taster Organization (BTO). This programme teaches members of the beer drinking public how to appreciate and evaluate beer as well as the culture, history and technology of the industry. Successful graduates receive an official "Beer Taster" license, and can continue to achieve the "Beer Judge" accolade which qualifies them to judge at the Japan Asia Beer Cup and International Beer Competition, as well as overseas competitions.

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The two biggest beer competitions in Japan, the "International Beer Competition" (since 1996) and the "Japan & Asia Beer Cup" (since 1998) are both run by our experienced JCBA/BTO team headed by Mr Ryouji Oda.

The JCBA is also currently developing an Export Programme to assist Japanese craft breweries expand their distribution network overseas.

2011 Calendar

April 2nd: Japan Asia Beer Cup. Ebisu Garden Room, Ebisu, Tokyo (closed to public)
April 2nd: "Celebrate The Goddess of Brewing". Ebisu Garden Room, Tokyo (1700-1930Hrs)
April 22-24th: Grande Biere. Tokyo Midtown Hall, Roppongi
22nd(1800-2015Hrs), 23rd(1300-1700Hrs) and 24th(1130-1530Hrs)

May 27th-June 5th: Nippon Craft Beer Week: Tokyo
June 4-5th: GJBF Tokyo 2011, Ebisu Garden Hall
4th(1130-1500Hrs), 4th(1600-1930Hrs) and 5th(1200-1600Hrs)

July 16-18th: GJBF Osaka 2011, Kyosera Dome Sky Hall
16th(1400-1800Hrs), 17th(1300-1700Hrs) and 18th(1200-1600Hrs)

August 6-7th: GJBF Nagoya First, Nagoya Congress Center, Shiratori Hall
6th(1400-1800Hrs) and 7th(1200-1600Hrs)

August 27th: International Beer Competition. Ebisu Garden Room, Tokyo (closed to public)
August 27th: "Celebrate The Goddess of Brewing". Ebisu Garden Room, Ebisu, Tokyo (1730-1930Hrs)

August 28th: Craft Beer Conference in Tokyo, Ebisu Garden Room, Tokyo

September 17-19th: GJBF Yokohama 2011, Osanbashi Hall
17th(1400-1800Hrs), 18th(1300-1700Hrs) and 19th(1200-1600Hrs)


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2011 Beer Festivals

The JCBA run 4 beer festivals a year this year’s events will be held on the following dates:

Great Japan Beer Festival
Tokyo: 4-5th June
Osaka: 16-18th July
Yokohama: 17-19th September

Grande Biere
Tokyo: 22-24th April

2011 Beer Competitions

2 annual beer awards competitions are organized by the JCBA:


Japan Asia Beer Cup
Tokyo: 2nd April

International Beer Competition
Tokyo: 27th August

Only qualified beer judges or brewers are invited to judge at the awards.

Beertaster Programme

Our sister association, the Beer Taster Organization(BTO) runs two beer appreciation and judging qualification programmes in Japan

Beer Samplers